My musical journey began in one country (the USA) and ended in another (Canada)!

I drove to Niagara Falls where I met up with Denise and Melanie -- Denise took us on to Toronto with Melanie as her navigator and me the backseat driver -- LOL

The Novotel Hotel is in the entertainment district, has its own parking and is only a two-minute walk to the Sony Centre.

There are a lot of pubs and cafes in the area -- choosing to have a light dinner, we ordered a pizza -- then we were off to the show.

Just FYI -- the merchandise table was lacking -- only a selection of 50th anniversary T-shirts were available -- maybe there will be a better selection at a later show.

The Sony Centre is modern and rambling but we found our seats with the help of a few attendants -- the first three rows or so had been removed due to the filming -- so we had an excellent view of the stage.

There were several familiar faces in the crowd -- "hello" to Sue.

It was an enthusiastic crowd of all shapes, sizes and ages that patiently waited for the concert to begin -- and what a concert it was -- absolutely amazing!!

1. I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
2. The Voice
3. Steppin' in a Slide Zone
4. Say It With Love
5. Nervous
6. Your Wildest Dreams
7. Isn't Life Strange
8. I Know You're Out There Somewhere
9. The Story in Your Eyes


10. The Day Begins (with Jeremy Irons)
11. Dawn Is a Feeling
12. Another Morning
13. Peak Hour
14. The Afternoon-Forever Afternoon (Tuesday)
15. (Evening) Time to Get Away
16. The Sunset
17. Twilight Time
18. Late Lament (with Jeremy Irons)
19. Nights in White Satin

20. Question
21. Ride My See-Saw

As you probably know by now, the first half of the show consisted of hits from some of their albums -- while the band couldn't please all of their fans, it was a nice variety of songs.

The Moody Blues began with a favorite "I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)" -- Justin and John seemed more animated and in perfect voice!

A special thank you is due to the terrific back-up musicians who play along with the Moodies -- Julie Ragins, Norda Mullen, Alan Hewitt and Billy Ashbaugh.

After a rather long intermission, the Toronto Festival Orchestra walked onto the stage and warmed up.

Days of Future Passed started with the Orchestra and slide show.

Then the Moody Blues came onto the stage and took us back 50 years.

If I closed my eyes, it was like listening to my DoFP album -- each song received much applause with an extra loud dose for Nights in White Satin -- which was superb!!

There was a long standing ovation.

The encore -- "Question" and "Ride My SeeSaw" -- closed out the show.

A favorite moment was during Question when Justin held his mic to the audience for us to sing along!

And then there was another long standing ovation.

It was a very special evening -- perhaps the best concert I've attended -- just a bit of magic!!


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