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Posting Rules

Welcome to the Moody Blues Classic Board.  This is a privately owned and family friendly board.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us.  This board is about the Moody Blues, and our admiration for one of the greatest bands in history.  All we ask from you is to adhere to a few rules.

Highly controversial topics are not permitted, which would include politics, religion or sex.  Please, there are many other sites out there to voice your opinions.  Again, this board is about the Moody Blues!

Please do not post any snide remarks about the staff, board members, or other boards.  This will risk being banned here at the Moody Blues Classic Board.  Everyone has a right to their opinion, but discuss it in a manner that conveys respect.

Do not include any links in your posts that would lead a reader to any websites that are considered to be offensive.

Please do not post any tour dates until they have been confirmed by the Moody Blues website.

Do not promote or post any bootleg merchandise or sites leading to same.

When necessary to contact the owner, or an administrator, please do so in a respectful manner and utilize the message system provided by Yuku if it's a subject you do not want posted. 

Any threats against the owner, administrators, members or band members, will be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly, and will result in immediate banning and if necessary, legal action.

Posting Photos

Photographs are intended for the enjoyment of all the Moody Blues fans.

The Moody Blues Classic Board assumes no liability for any photos/pictures that are posted on this board without credits.  Please add a watermark or copyright to your photos.

Do not take photographs from this site for your own use without first notifying the photographer or person who posted them.  If it is discovered and confirmed, that a member has tampered with a photographer's watermark or copyright, that member will be banned and reported to Yuku and other community boards.  This has occurred previously.

Photographs posted on this site may be used on this site for backgrounds, banners and in threads.  If you do not wish to have your photos used, please notify the owner or administrator and your request will be honored.

Please - enjoy our board and favorite band!! 

But oh...tomorrow things will change - JH
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